Monday, December 22, 2014

A Solstice, a Square and Significant Changes

Finally!  The light will begin to increase now, that the Winter Solstice has taken place on the new moon, December 21, 2014 at 9:37PM (solstice point at 6:03PM EST), with the sun at 00* Capricorn and the Moon, snuggling up to her partner at 00* and 9’.
Yup, that is some good news ~eh?
Now, leading up to this point…been quite a ride hasn’t it?  When you have so much heavy aspecting going on between the planets, and this leads into the time of the year, that is always stressing over the galactic center…it is like a bottle-neck traffic jam.
With this new moon in Capricorn the Goat, fast approaching her rendezvous with Pluto/Hades also travelling in the domain of the Pan the Goat at 12*, after having just formed the 6th of his seven squares to Uranus on December 14th., all things Saturnian are now emphasized.  We add to this starry cocktail, Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius on December 24th, and we have a whole lot of pressure on the planet, to finish up all things Saturn/El related, especially in regards to Scorpio’s expressions as harnessed by the leaden Lord of the Rings.  There is no escape.  Saturn makes us deal with things.  He is karma from lifetimes ago, if that is the cargo he is bringing to you in your chart.
If you have been respectful of Saturn’s lessons, then you may enjoy rewards, and Saturn always rests on the 7th day. (Saturn’s Day/Saturday/Seth/Sabbath).
Saturn wants to teach us discipline and if we don’t discipline ourselves, and harness our ability and tasks according to his very high expectations, he will surely return to teach us discipline, by removing our freedoms.  If we cannot learn Saturn’s discipline and Mastery; we cannot access the higher energies without breaking apart.  (Insert Scotty yelling “I’m givin’ her all she’s got, captain, she’s breaking up!”.  Saturn is all about integrity, where this is lacking in your life, in your chart, Saturn will gladly show up to point that out.
As he exits his transit out of Scorpio, this is like a squeegee, all that pressure building up unto the 24th…and then for a few days afterwards as she starts to construct his new Sagittarius restrictions and boundaries.  Sag likes freedom to roam as the centaur he is, his beastly four legs connecting to the earth with a fiery thunder, thighs burning up the forward momentum, they race down the track, laughing all the way.  Does this sound like a pair of opposite mates?  Well, sort of.  Sag can use that freedom to bound up the mountain of the Goat, using their very competitive, yet jocular sports inclinations.
Now, if that freedom has got the best of the Sag, or they have taken on more than they can ‘discipline themselves enough to handle’…if we have excesses (and this is a notoriously famous ‘tell’ regarding a Sagittarius), unlike the earthy Bull/Taurus with her Venusian laid back appreciation of good things, to the point of excess…Sag races all the way down the road before she even realizes she has gone too far, this includes their candor…it is a running opine on the world around them, they feel everyone needs to know their usually highly educated thoughts.
This is hitting Scorpio’s hard, but also all the points to the square and opposition; the two squares, Aquarius and Leo and the opposition, Taurus.
What?  Did you think you were going to get a break, just because you aren’t on the Cardinal Cross, like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are as they are transformed by Pluto as he rototills the mountain of Capricorn and Uranus breaks old static lines with sudden upheavals or at the very least, surprise turns of events.
For now, let’s just stick to the Capricorn new moon, who wants to put everything into order, and by order, we mean rule of business.  It is all serious and stern in the aegis of Capricorn the Goat.  Our emotions want something very different than just order, they want people to play by the rules we have adopted in society.   Comfort will only come by finished business and goals met and obtained.
If you have a personal planet being energized by Saturn’s authority, then you will feel the imposed restriction, and if you are someone who likes to be organized than it is something that will help you, you will see this as exactly what you wanted!  If however, you have been shirking responsibility in some way….Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn ending his energy (until next year when he retrogrades back into Scorpio on June 15, 15 for his last lesson review for those on the fixed cross that need that little bit more time to put things in order…or pay the consequences later, especially when Saturn visits on the squares, trines and oppositions (fullness of the seed planted in the conjunctions).
So, I wish I could tell you Scorpio’s and the rest of you on that fixed cross, that it is all over…but you are really in the final throws of this wrestling match.  And, it will come back as I say, next year to make sure you have completely –RE-SOL-ved the issues.
So, are you too disciplined without the resting day?  (So, if we think in terms of percentages, we could easily see it is at least 1/7th of your life.)  On the other hand, if you want to break free (Uranus) of restrictions, and furthermore, want ‘freedoms’ then this shift into Sag, might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
Response-ability…this is the easiest way to measure if you are living up to your Saturnian abilities and expectations, it is what ‘you are able to do’….any wishful thinking will get cut out and done away with for the unrealistic attitude and the wasteful energy of the productive Saturn/EL.  You cannot rule anything until you can rule and discipline yourself.
And, with the new moon in Capricorn right now, fused with the energy of the sun, Saturn is definitely getting his ‘meal to give him energy to die with’…as in the last energy this year in Scorpio.  In Sag now, he may just squeeze out a lit bit of laughter, but freedom will be hard won, come in fits and starts and often be interrupted with the mundane, things that will need to be managed.
If you have worked hard, then Saturn will give you the break, the vacation you deserve and have earned, or perhaps that promotion, that brass ring that you have been steadily climbing up the mountain towards.
Our friend Jupiter/Zeus has gone retrograde, this won’t necessarily help the heavy leaden energy; he did so on December 8th at 22* of Leo, he will seem to move in reverse from his standstill in the heavens…all the way back to 12* of Leo when he stations direct on April 8th next year.  So, Leo’s….so sorry to share this with you, just when you thought you were finally getting things to lighten up, eh?  Now, once again, in a retrograde, the planet in question may be bringing back something you didn’t receive that the planet rules (in God’s heavens, as God’s planets, since “) My father’s house has many mansions”.  So, in the retrograde, the planet can bring back what your due is, or often times, we finally have got the lesson or the gift/insight and the return matches our hindsight/insight.
Jupiter/Zeus, rules benevolence, good fortune, luck, laughter, higher learning, foreigners, etc.  In this retrograde motion, these things will have a more difficult time moving ‘towards’ you…they are hindered, because they are moving from reverse position into forward motion…not always going to happen.  If you got your shopping done, people will likely get a more generous gift, then if you purchase now.
Moving forward, Uranus has just gone direct on December 21st, at 12* of Aries.  Notice he moved just back far enough to come crashing into the square with a forward moving Pluto in Capricorn, on December 15th., at 12* and this formed another T-square, as the moon was trying to do her balancing act in Libra.  We see the uproar and the activism as these two titans flex their muscles and give it all they have.
As I have posted many times before, this is also awakening the US chart, and on January 5th, transiting Pluto will directly oppose the US natal sun.  We will still be very much swimming in the energy of the Pluto/Uranus square and we will also be in a Cardinal Cross forming as the moon will be conjunct the US natal sun at 14* of Cancer in the Full moon on the 4th.
I wish I could say something very different here, but in truth, this could pose a very, very difficult time for the US.  The North Node always is collecting the karmic debt and in Libra, it is a question of whether we have been fair or not.  Who are our partners?  Have we lived in harmony?  Do we take advantage of others?  (a big no-no in the Libra energy)  The moon in Cancer (full no less) is in her own sign, and she is mothering the world.  How have we done with that in mind?  Are we good mothers or bad?  Here, the mother/moon opposes both Pluto/Hades and the sun as they are both conjunct in Capricorn.  Pluto/Hades wants to burn off the dross and wants the truth…period…he will transform those whose soul is just not evolving…but he also wants us to be responsible, this creates the schism we now see playing its meme all over the planet.
Those that earn, those that share, those that take and those that are caught in between, as the weight is largely on the backs of the working poor and the shrinking middle class.  Pluto/Hades also rules the mob, those who work in the dark of night, in secrecy…and Uranus also rules the community, so we shall see this clash play itself out all while Jupiter and his benevolence are playing hide and seek.
As always, there is an increased risk for planetary shifts and changes during this time, but when we add the stressors that are taking place, it is even more likely.
So, expect some very challenging times, especially when it comes to the US.  The price of oil in a free fall, is not going to be so good eventually for the US, since oil is traded by the dollar.  Expect the escalation of worldwide turmoil, the Ukraine, Iran and North Korea are hot spots, while the whole of the globe is rising up and clashing, divide and conquer.  This could definitely portend financial shifting…will this be the long predicted fall of the dollar? 
Such are the times we now will negotiate as we leave the year of the horse and prepare for the year of the sheep.  Funny, how often I read about people acting ‘like sheep’ and we are entering a year that is supposed to be similar, with the keyword being ‘docile’.

Again, our actions will bring a return, a consequence and this can all go to a much better place based on how we respond.  Have we evolved?  What do you think?
We wish you a lovely and joyous Holy Day season and all the best for the new year ahead.
There is a lot to add to this, and I will be back to update as soon as possible, but this is the season, so enjoy!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Muddy Waters of the Mars Conjunction to Pluto

The Jewel (Soul) Lost in the Mud  Astro writing: 11.10.2014

The jewel is lost in the mud,
and all are seeking for it;
Some look for it in the east,
and some in the west;
some in the water
and some amongst stones.
But the servant Kabir
has appraised it at its true value,
and has wrapped it with care
in the mantle of his heart.

-- Kabir

"When the pearl is cast down into the mud, it becomes greatly despised, nor if it is anointed with balsam oil will it become more precious. But it always has value in the eyes of its owner. Compare the children of God: wherever they may be, they still have value in the eyes of their Father."

-- Gospel of Philip (Nag Hammadi Library of Egypt)
Now, I would add, that you always have value in the eyes of the Mother too.  Certainly, there are those on this planet, that are so damaged, they cannot show a healthy love for their children, but not so our creator. 
In these times, it may be hard to find our value.  To find worthiness that is true and goes deeper than the superficial world of physicality.  The value of our own pearls may be swimming in the muddy waters in the depths of our beings.  We cannot rescue our own pearls and bring them out to shine, without finding that light within our one true heart.  This light, will cast a soft glow at first on that pearl, your own moon.  The sun and the moon can then give birth to your Adam and Eve.  If we take that deeper look into the waters and see the reflection of the loving creator smiling through the darkness, through the illusion; the likeness and image of the Creator will be smiling back at us and we will become fully human.  We must seek to find.  This is no easy search and becoming fully human is not an easy path.  We already are spiritual beings, what we need to do is to learn to become human.
It is in the grist and the grind, the fires of life that will forge a humanity, and these are just such times.

Mars/Ares rules {WAR, action, energy, blood...and is a co-ruler (the original

ruler) of Scorpio}. Pluto/Hades is the ruler of Scorpio and is death/birth/transformation, the evolution of the soul.
They are conjunct in Capricorn at 11*; which is ruled by Saturn/El/Lord of the Rings, now travelling at 25* of Scorpio, so they are in what we call a 'mutual reception', the energy is now wide, but it is still very potent, and in fact, even more so now, since they have been cooking this up together since way back on October 6, of 2012.
Pluto/Hades had already entered the domain of Capricorn the Goat (my pet goat) on November 28, of 2008 and was waiting for his dispositor (they disposit each other when they are in the signs they rule this way) at 7* of Capricorn when Saturn/El entered the domain of Scorpio.
So, what we have is an exchange between them that has been going on for 2 years, each accelerating the others energy in this cosmic dance.  I have written pretty extensively about all of this on my blog: Look also through the many other posts on Pluto square to Uranus and the entry of Pluto into Capricorn.
This of course, is also a handle on the Cardinal Cross being activated, because the moon traversed through the 11* mark of Cancer too.  The moon is the mother, women, female issues, the homeland, nurturing, protecting children, the fluids in your body (humors) and in the earth (controlling the tide, etc.)  She is the ruler of Cancer…and she is in OPPOSITION to this Pluto/Mars conjunction.
We would say at the very least, this is a T-Square, but we also have a wide

aspect to the head of the dragon, the Moon’s N. node (spiritual destiny/purpose) going on at 18* of Libra…yes, this is 7* of separation, but the Cardinal Cross that has been forming off and on, being triggered over and over is HOT and active on this planet.
Now, we add Uranus (UR/ANU; where we get the word ‘annual’ from, the original sky god, ruler of new technology, inventions, science, change, ‘a cutting away’ even as Saturn cuts away with his sickle, and is the ruler of the Age of Aquarius, which we are in the foothills of now, as we shift from the Age of PIsces.)  Uranus is in Aries at 13* of Aries moving towards the an exact square to Pluto/Hades on December 15th. at 12*.

Now, sitting in between this square, is Neptune/Poseidon (the oceans/oneness/spirituality/horses/chariot/dreams/music) at 4* of PIsces (which Neptune rules) and Chiron (the wounded healer, Percival) at 13* of PIsces.  In the heavenly oceans that surround us, these Titans are moving towards each other and Neptune and Chiron are being squeezed together in all that watery illusion.  This will bring up all kinds of karmic patterns, deep wounds, and is unearthing what is buried, even considered dormant~ like volcano’s, both within us and on this planet.  All of this, while Neptune/Poseidon is large and in charge in his own way, as she is travelling in her own sign of PIsces which he/she rules. It could find you weepy, the floodgates can get flung wide open as the watery depths of our beings are flushed to the surface.  What we think we know, may pass before us as one illusion becomes reality and reality seems like an illusion.  Your dreams may become activated and vivid and lucid for some.  Waking state may seem more like a dream.

There IS A DEEP TRANSFORMATION GOING ON, this is true.  All of this was initially triggered, or set up when we had the first URanus to Saturn opposition way back on November 3, of 2008 at 18* of PIsces and Virgo respectively.
If we look back, we can see that is when so many of the riots and political
uprisings began all over this planet.
There can be lesser and greater degrees of unrest inside of us individually right now.  All that watery energy is being shocked over and over by URanus…and finding the true source inside of you, can be like peeling back the layers and meanings of a dream, one illusion to pull down and see through after the other.
The more one has cleared their own personal world of illusions (IL- Luce-ION, not seeing clearly as the light is dancing on the walls of the ages ‘ion/aeon’, like Plato’s cave); the more the illusions on the world stage will fall, it is much like the child saying the emperor has no clothes or ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’.
2 Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"
So, the Cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all being triggered for very deep and profound changes as both the depths of Pluto/Hades and the vaults of the heavens are opened, everything comes out to haunt us…to pull us…to challenge us to the very core of our being.
This is especially so, if you are a
Cardinal sign (activators, starters ‘cardinal…
see the red cardinal popping in a blanket of white snow?...) in degrees: 9* -17* but more so if you are degrees, 11*-15*, this means any planets you have in the cardinal signs are being activated/triggered. (You have to know by sign/house what they are to know on a deeper level what this means for you personally).
Also, those people who are in the fixed signs as Saturn/El is at 25* of Scorpio are all being ‘tested’, responsibility, burdens, karma, relationships, authority, (this is for both the Cardinal and fixed signs) and of course, death/birth cycles…The fixed cross is: Taurus the Bull, Leo the LION, Scorpio the Eagle/Snake/Phoenix, and Aquarius the Angel of man (walking with a pitcher into the house we must follow him/her into (the age of Aquarius) and also the cross that has the flaming swords guarding the gates of Eden…the cross we see on most church altars (without most people understanding its true meaning)…it is Ezekiel’s’ wheel, flaming and spinning with the four heads (four directions/four rivers of life).
This is not to say the mutable signs of: Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/PIsces are not being triggered, but we only have so much time, to go into what is a very long explanation on so many levels of what is going on here.
With this energy, expect the old witch hunts to take stage again….an active war against the feminine energy/archetype (compassion, nurturing, comfort, the ecosystem, the fecundity of the earth, deep love) which makes the whole ISIS thing very ironic, personally, I think the name/Acronym is no mistake, it is another obfuscation of a group, that we are told ‘hates women’….it reminds me of the snazzy terms politicians come up with, like Blue Skies (which is an attack on the environment and her blue skies or ‘The Patriot Act’…so we are bring triggered into the ignorance of hating the Divine Feminine).  What do we see in the headlines, but this group savagely beating and killing women (and of course others) but what is the mantra we hear? 
It is flipping the truth of what we need right now…compassion, kindness, integrity, nurturing, caring for the earth, her flowers, seed bearing fruit (MonSatan and others) her Bees!  Mary Magdalene was buried with Bees….what lasts for thousands of years and is one of the most health giving things one can consume?  Honey!  The bees are dying! 
Colony Collapse Disorder….’Colony…Collapse…Disorder...’
And all of this is building another head of steam for the next Pluto/Uranus square exact at 12* on December 14th.  That will be the second last of the 7 squares…so there was no way…we were going to find order in any way politically or otherwise during these squares, and we add to this cocktail, the Blood Moons, the next one of which is April 4th, 2015 and the last of which is on September 27th of 2015.  The last Uranus/Pluto square will be on March 15th, 2015…so none of this is going to be resolved until AFTER those major transits and aspects occur.
People may feel a nervousness peeking around the edges of their deep insides and even more so for some physically…It is both a hiding and a revealing going on…REVELATIONS.  And this is far from being over.
What we will watch on the world stage can become even more confusing in all of this soupy mix.
 3 Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and it is outside you.
When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty." From the Gospel of Thomas

One of the very best things we can do…is to at least stop this war on the planets ecosystem and food supply, on her children and animals and insects.  We have major aspects to both the US natal chart and MONSATAN RIGHT NOW!

But it is up to us to make the change….PRAYER WORKS, PRAYER IN ACTION WORKS BETTER.

So, with all of this unearthing and revealing, we must seek to know ourselves. 
We may not be in positions to affect change on the world stage (if you are, by all means this is your time) and can feel powerless in the face of all of this.  We CAN make sure that we are aligned and in our integrity, spiritually, physically and economically.  We can take care of our own health.  We can tie up loose ends in our lives.  We can remedy any old karma we have not dealt with.  We can act and become a living prayer, and prepare ourselves through our own excavations, tidying up our own lives.  Put your house in order. 
We must bring the dark into the light of day.  Start with our own darkness.  Face your fears as best you can, as you can.  Take things one step and one accomplishment at a time.
This means change on an individual and global scale.
What has true meaning for you?  Pluto wants to know what we value along with Taurean Venus, which moves from Scorpio and into Sagittarius on
Monday, November 17th
So, we will move from the depths of Plutonian Scorpio (at least with Venus/Values/partnerships and what we love) into fiery Sag the archer.
Prepare for moving forward, especially as the sun moves closer to his new moon alignment on November 22, 7:33 A.M at 0* of Sagittarius.  These are magical numbers: 11:22 and 7:33.
Finish up old business matters as best as you can and prepare for to shoot your arrow straight and far into the future you came to live.
For now, try to console yourselves on any dark night, knowing that so many feel they too, are in this darkness, the muddy waters and they too, may be having a difficult time finding the pearls, the value. 
Jupiter/Zeus is at 21* of Leo the lion.  He will bring laughter and a sense of play and fun without trying too hard.  Laughter is a wonderful medicine and he will also find courage, he can cut open Saturn’s belly or head (depending on the version) and release his brothers and sisters, the titans that are trapped inside of you.
Compassion will lead you to the living waters. 
We will need this as we move forward where everything ‘dark’ is being cast upon the airwaves, dark holes, dark horses, dark matter, dark polar vortex, dark shadows.

So, go into your dark world and do some excavations, help someone else find their pearls, go for a walk and let the air fill your being as nature soothes the soul.  Expose the light that is under your lampstand. 
This will also expose a lot of that sticky-sweet goo that inhabits a lot of new age belief’s…which are really ego strokers that like a drug, feel good at first but leave you spinning in all directions, without the true light shining, but the illusion of light.
This is not to say that amazing truths are not there to be found, but all the sages of the past, teach us to have compassion, to care for one another, not abandon those around you because ‘they are negative and bring you down’….Caring about people is the foundation for the souls evolution, the key is compassion and the doorway is in the heart.
The universe already knows who you are.  Your vibration is already a siren call into the universe.  You cannot fake who you are.  You cannot wish a world into existence.  In integrity, you expose your soul as the illusions fall; the truth does indeed set us free.
Remember, the squares cause tension, but you cannot build anything without them.
Get some sleep, and I mean a good night’s sleep as often as possible.  Use ArcAncient’s Sleep Angel © to help you with that sleep and for dream work.

Use ArcAncient’s Courage © blend; anoint your solar plexus and wrist’s. Inhale and see the sun within you.
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Pray, prayer works, prayer in action moves mountains.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Blood on Our Hands, Full Moon Eclipse October 8 2014

On September 24th, at 2:15AM EDT; the Lord and Lady made their monthly visit, this time in Libra at 1*.  Let’s hope that this infusion of energy in harmonious Libra will give us a nice little push off into calmer seas, at least some tempering.  Mercury/Hermes (communication/travel) has been in Libra since the beginning of September. 
We are moving into the fullness of the ‘Hunter’s Moon’, which will be exact on October 8th, 2014 at 8:52AM EDT.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we will be experiencing a much colder and snowier winter this year and she will come in with a bang and leave us in an early spring.  Well, the signs are all around us for an early winter.  The leaves dappling the green canopies with their umber and orange witnesses of the sun’s journey through the summer.  The winds are picking up and bringing us crisp mornings that warm to a cool 60 degrees even with a full lemony sun gleefully walking across the skies as ‘Luke’ (light).
It seems we barely warmed up this summer before we begin our fall into the dark and

long winter nights.  Pluto’s/Hades emergence as he began his movement forward on September 23rd at 10* of Capricorn the Goat doing his job of spreading dark and dour news.  Worse yet, we are beginning to feel the effects of the dark lord closing in on his next exact square with Uranus, who is retrograde in his journey to square him again on December 15th when they are both at 12*.
Lady Luna, as she moves into her fullness at 15* of Aries, saddling up to Uranus and as the Golden one forms a T-square to Pluto in his opposition to Lady Luna and Uranus which will magnify the Cardinal shifts, especially those at 10-15* of the Cardinal signs, who will be given deep and profound insights if you are paying attention.
The Moon is once again filling with blood, this being the second of the 4 Blood Moons.  She will be eclipsed by the sun, the male separated from his bride by our home/earth standing between them and this alignment with his bride is a trigger (gateway) that will impact us strongly for the next month, but also for the next 6 months, as we travel down the rivers flowing through this life/death/rebirth cycle.
Pluto, Lord of the underworld is already actively taking loved ones from us, and we shall certainly see more as he drags them like trophies down into his lair, along with Persephone.  I expect to hear of more famous deaths and also, a female who will be publicly held accountable as the fall guy, in a long running scandal that will come to light.
The good news?  The heavens are blessing us with a very lovely grand trine in the fire signs, with Mars/Ares in Sag at 17*, Uranus at 14* of Aries kissing Lady Luna at 15* Aries and gently moving towards Jupiter/Zeus (optimism/bounty) who is at 17* of Leo, we will have motivation and some happy occasions that will come out of the blue.  Aries and Leo’s might find their date card is all full, while they are mesmerized by some moonlit kissing and Uranus magically heightens the emotional cocktail.
Things could get sizzling hot!  (Keep it amorous and don’t let doubts creep in and spoil all the fun, when is the last time you felt this?  Ride the magic carpet ride.)
Up until the 14th, Pluto/Hades is on the handle of the T-Square, so our issues of death/treasures/taxes will remain on the front-burners, with the Solar being in Libra at 15* conjunct Venus/Aphrodite (love/partners/harmony) pouring some caution and compassion into this mix; by the time Luna moves into Cancer on the 14th/15th we will see the Grand Cross once again light up the heavens (even though the Uranus/Pluto
square is not exact right now), we WILL experience some very powerful events, some of which may certainly be in the form of earthquakes, volcano’s and powerful storms; but also in the form of political events and social unrest, while we may see some interesting agreements being cobbled together in the process.  Still, the drum beat has become a very loud death rattle already, and none of this is going away until the last Blood Moon on September 27th of next year, and who knows how benevolent the gods might care to be?
It is during these times, that we forge our strongest vessels, capable of holding even deeper truths, but we are living the world of our own hands.
This Hunter’s Moon, we prepare for our dark stretch, making sure we have nourishment, we must also consider spiritual nourishment.  We are being given very deep insights right now, the noble truths that come in small steps, including in the mundane.  How much does a simple look from someone you care about, stretch down the halls of your memories? 
In this eclipse pattern, take the next five days (especially) to put things in order; what can you cut out of your life?  This eclipse wants us to ‘eclipse’ all of the thoughts, patterns, habits, and really, just anything that has served its purpose (clothes, furniture, etc., too!) physical, mental, emotional or otherwise, and FINALLY JUST LET GO OF IT!  Death to the old patterns that have held us back, personally and collectively.
With the blood moon, is the life giving power to also give birth, we do this when we clean old those old patterns that makes room for the upgraded YOU.
We also live in a world that has a prescription for everything.  Let’s just break that word

down a bit, shall we?  Pre-script-ion.  A writing ‘script’ to live by or with.
What is your ‘script’?  What are you writing?  Don’t take the pill, the poisonous ‘prescription’ that can addle the mind and clog the body and senses, write the script that is healthy, that brings you alive.
Remember, a 1* adjustment will bring us to very different destinations.
We have Mercury/Hermes retrograde since October4th at 2* of Scorpio and will take us on a review all the way back to 16* of LIbra when he stations direct on October 24th.   The last time Hermes was at 16* of LIbra was on September 14th, so what was going on?  Any decisions made since then, communications and agreements may be up for review, or regret, but the lessons learned is the main gift.  What insight has finally lit up your mind and taught you a wise lesson about relating/communicating?  Which agreements may have been made hasty?  Words exchanged that may have taken a kinder route and finally, are you bring truthful to yourself and others?  Is there something you were not forthcoming about?  Remember, when we are truthful to others, we give THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW AND CLEAN UP A FUZZINESS THAT FOGS THE MIND WHEN SOMEONE IS BEING DECEITFUL FOR WHATEVER REASON.  Lying is another form of stealing.
Sexual issues will come up now as Mercury/Hermes slips out of Scorpio and slides into Libra’s partnering skills of harmony and fairness.  The universe will now deliver to you, some real gems to help you build a life of love and integrity.
Of course, there is nothing like ArcAncient’s Inner Glow © to help heal the heart and open the floodgates to L-O-V-E (Queue Al Green).  Go to to get all your exquisite Aromatherapy Blends.  Don’t forget our ‘Sleep Angel’ for getting deep restful sleep.
Feeling full up?????

Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Moon In PIsces, Dreaming the Fire

Everything is so ‘match-stick’ ready now; ready to be fired up in an instant, gratuitous seconds that string life together and leave all the waiting in the rear view mirror.
Uranus used to make random guest appearances and light up the mind with an instance of awe.
Now, as Uranus regains his ‘sky god’ status, ruling this new Age of Aquarius; the anticipation of possibilities has been usurped through the constant contact the new technology (ruled by Uranus) has brought.
People string along sidewalks waiting for the latest new gadget or phone, which will be ever ready to steal away the moments that once gifted us with the luxury of our surroundings and the present.
Now this same new technological wizardry hijacks our spirits into ‘being on call 24/7’ in a continuous stream of alert messages and information that we somehow managed to do without before; before we were mesmerized (Neptune/Poseidon in Pisces, the age we are leaving behind,  as cohort in this drama) into the need for this instant feed.
Gone is the magical silence that once wove its spell in anticipation of that phone call from a new lover, the kind that kept us on hold and frozen, finger tips in mouth with only the mind and heart  racing at the end of the phone that was attached to the wall.  YOU COULDN'T move, or just keep running through life, you had to wait. 
Gone is the wrestling of giving up a night with friends, of whether you should just leave instead of waiting for a call that might not come.  No more is the cauldron that helped cook up the heady brew, the angst of wonder, the slow blooming and budding of love that may go unrequited.
That ring meant everything.
When it came, it was the reward that would set your heart ablaze and reassure you that your new love shared your feelings.
So too, do we see all the 'instant gratification' pseudo spiritual teachings being shared now: 'Be in the Now' 'Get more stuff if you're really spiritual'...and all of it, is really masquerading as being spiritually evolved, when you wake up and smell the burnt coffee floating over the reality of selfishness and false pride.  People seem to not be able to have enough, quick enough.  I myself, become very frustrated with my computer when it freezes, or I cannot open a file quick enough.  Mea Culpa.
Real spirituality has NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY AND MORE STUFF!  Note, Jesus in the desert or cracking the whip that He fashioned in the temple.  It is an inside trip, and one will do more evolving helping someone else, being kind to others, rather than always needing to feel good and help themselves feel even better.  Yes, you should take care of yourself, but what happened to the code of ethics that taught us not to be selfish?  Be wary of the underbelly of URanus!

New Moon, July 26, 2014 at 3* of Leo.

We are entering some very ‘hot’ times, coming as the moon squeezes out the energy of Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings finally, going direct at 16* of Scorpio the day before UR-Anus went retrograde at 16* of Aries.
So, do we see they are both at 16*?  They are exactly INCONJUNCT one another in their synodic dance in the heavens.  This is not a comfortable place for them (or any planets in aspect) and the energy becomes very difficult to work together.  Saturn/El being structure, form, control and time in dissonance with UR-anus (former time keeper ‘anus is where we get annual from’) just a longer clock concerned with the bigger picture.  URanus is also ruler of Aquarius, electricity, computers, community and co-ruler of lightening and sudden, ‘out of the blue’ events).  So, when these two are in such distress with one another, they will bring upheaval with their rulership subjects.  Saturn/EL took his sickle and cut us off from the heavens of Uranus, and as he did so, Uranus (cutting off Uranus’s penis) his semen flowed into the seas of Poseidon, and we had the birth of Venus (beauty/love) spring forth. 
Though it brings upheaval, the cracks that form to the structures, allow the light to come through so that hidden things in plain sight become even more evident.  They will definitely shake things up that were once static.  Saturn as he brings up the secrets and reveals that those in power behind the scenes (Scorpio) may have an agenda that is not comfortable with preconceived notions.
 All this while we are feeling the gurgling revelations of the licentious acts that have taken place while Pluto/Hades was retrograde, now getting ready to station direct on September 23rd, 2014 at 10* of Capricorn after having been retrograde since April 14th. at 13*.  Remember, when a planet is in its shadow phase, our own shadow side of that planet’s energy often is revealed.
See your own placement by sign and house to see how that will affect you personally.
Picture the viscous globs of oil rending their way on shore, the serpentine version of Pluto/Hades crawling on his belly and bringing up the dark and odiferous muck that was imprisoned in the abyss.
We had Mars conjunct Saturn in this process, just below Saturn on the horizon (Horus son) at 17* of Scorpio exactly on August 25th, the day of the new moon.  We saw agreements between warring factions try to etch themselves into binding form.  
We just have too much antagonistic energy in the seas we swim in now.  Luckily, on September 14th.  URanus and Saturn will move even further away from each other and no longer in the inconjunct.
The problem is, other planets are also inconjunct:  The sun (ego/identity), now at 16* Of Virgo is forming an inconjunct To Uranus; Jupiter/Zeus at 11* of Leo is inconjunct to Pluto/Hades at 11* of Capricorn and the Moon before she turns full tomorrow at 16* of PIsces, will briefly inconjunct Venus/Aphrodite who is at 4* of Virgo.
We will also feel the wider orb of the inconjunct of Mercury/Hermes who is at 9* of Libra to Neptune/Poseidon at 5* of Pisces.  
What an emotional cocktail fomenting this building full moon which happens On September 8th at 9:39pm E.D.T. at 16* of PIsces.   She opposes her mate, but she is bringing into full view, all that she has filled herself with (Or you have seeded during this time) to reflect back to us who we are and who we are becoming.  Remember the old commercial?  Maj, I think I can ‘see myself’?
A PIscean moon is emotional anyway, but she is home to the dreamers.  She may confuse you as she glides by Neptune, ruler of PIsces.  She will be dreamy though, they could be doozies in tonight’s ocean of deep wonder (And the next few nights).  You can tap into this creative soup, but be careful about decisions made during the allure Neptune casts in her soulful sister.
If they are decisions to change what you have, to trade in for something ‘you think’ is better, be very careful!!!
All that glitters is just not gold, but you will wake up as the afterglow of what was really just a one-night stand, and realize you just had one too many. This can also bring deep spiritual insights, and even a connectedness to the source, or God.
If you can enjoy the buoyant effects Of Jupiter/Zeus who is at 11* of Leo and is sextile to Mercury/Hermes and in a nice trine to URANUS right now, (especially Capricorns and Virgo’s) you might get a lift out of the heavy Plutonian aspects and find your place in the sun.
All The fear-mongering going on, we can thank this heavy Plutonian energy.  I will write later on the usage of the word ‘ISIS’ and how that is actually a very sly way to denigrate the Divine Feminine, and derail that balancing energy of the strong, loving, nurturing feminine God-head that loves the earth and the EL-ements.  This is exactly what is needed on this planet right now!
We are and will be, in the upheaval of the Blood Moons as noted in previous posts, see: until September of 2015 and all the while, we are still in the other tumult of the Cardinal Cross/Uranus square to Pluto that will also not be over until April of 2015.
Change is going to come.
I expect that the next hit, Mars conjunct Saturn at 17* of Scorpio on August 25th will bring some major agreement being etched in stone, at least formulated on the airwaves, and since it is in Scorpio, probably already written and just kept secret.
Now, I am not fond of sharing difficult news...but since these Blood Moons are falling on the High Holy days of the Jewish calendar, and history showing us that unrest always happens in these particular cycles, we knew something was going to boil over as the Blood Moons spilled into the streets.  This leaves most of us with a heavy heart.
The universe always gives us something to help us through such times, and this is no different.
This new moon on July 26th, was in Leo at 3* AND it was in conjunction with the benevolent Jupiter/Zeus at 2*.  This bodes very well for Leo’s, giving them some joy to help with the Saturn in Scorpio square they are experiencing. 
Find some laughter, enjoy children right now…all of us can find a lighter heart through the innocence of children, their smiles, their curiosity and we can become child-like, and enjoy playing ourselves.
Find your roar, your joy, your inner strength and bask in the summer sun. 
This culmination full moon, started with the New Moon in Virgo at 2*, so had lots of organization happening…and if you got that done, then you can revel in the newly organized space, that is rid of clutter.  If not, so much to do now, confusion will reign.
The other major thing we see with Pluto coming to the surface and Mars conjunct Saturn, is the volcanic explosions, lightening (Uranus square to Pluto) and airplane incidents as well as earthquakes.  I wouldn’t want to fly now, but with that inconjunct from Uranus to Saturn/EL easing up, that should help.
This full moon in Pisces, will wane into the darkness of the new moon on September 24th which will be at 01* degrees of Libra.  Let’s hope that a bit of fair-mindedness and harmony will be seeded, and love will reign supreme?  A bit of kindness from this Piscean full moon energy filling the planet and caring for the underdog.  Enough with the thug behavior and the bullying already!
That new moon will culminate with a lunar eclipse, and the next of the 4 blood moons on October 8th.  She will be at 15* of Aries, so once again, the Cardinal signs; Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra will be activated, since this is also right on the Uranus/Pluto square cycle.  Thankfully, it is not on the critical 13*, but it does ignite the final square that will happen on March 16, 2015.
So, let’s lean towards the Joy of Jupiter in Leo and seed the earth and each other with kindness, shall we?  We are all here, swimming in this same energy and we can change that…kindness goes a long way.
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And if you want to know how all of this affects you personally, get a personal chart done, from someone with over 30 years experience, we can help you navigate towards your best self.

Sending kindness….

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fire in The Hole! Full Moon in Sagittarius

Just after the wolves howl at midnight, we will have a moon full of honey in Sagittarius at 22*.  It will take place on Friday the 13th at 12:13 AM.  So, we have the power of the master number 22 in the helm of the magical 13.  In Sagittarius, LaLuna is reminding us to aim straight and set our goals high, but she is also opposing (by wide margin) a very crafty Mercury/Hermes retrograde at 2* of Cancer.  Now Hermes will retrograde all the way back to 24* of Gemini before he stations direct on July 1st. at 8:45AM. He won’t quite travel back far enough to exactly oppose this degree, but with only a 2* orb you can be darn sure his presence and effect will be made known.
 The moon only barely forms a trine to URanus, so aside from her opposition to the Sun in the dual land of Gemini the twins, and a sextile to the head of the dragon, she is only on speaking terms to father sun right now.  She will be a beautiful golden umber colour as she flirts across the sky’s with her paramour.  She wants the truth, but with the sun deciding in the moment which of the twins he will be, what is and what shall never be may be as elusive as a hall of mirrors.
 The tension is all out there though, and energy (Mars hanging out in Libra at 12* pushing into that 13* space and forming that old T-square to URanus and Pluto/Hades again) might be a bit hard to come by, though confusion, cross communications, and mix-ups are bountiful right now. 
So try and hold your tongue if you can, since this is where men resort to behaving like little boys and old patterns and habits are just too tempting to deny.  They just want a little fun?
For some real fun though, we look at Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings holding steady in exact opposition to Venus/Aphrodite right now.  So, pattern and structure, the old man and the sea (the sea of the Scorpion Kings) is standing belligerently across the starry seas to what we love, and she is in the earthy and lusty sign of Taurus, so gals, you may want that little extra bobble that you have attached to the thought of love, but come back to earth…not likely to happen.
Venus/Aphrodite is HOME in Taurus, being her natural ruler, so she will definitely want to dress her up and make her look pretty, but it will be on a budget for most of us.  The price? ~ A little sexual healing probably, so get it while you can! 
You can follow this link to find out more about the scientific aspects of the Honey Moon:
Anyway, while Saturn is hanging out in Scorpio, still in mutual reception to Pluto/Hades in Capricorn, we can expect the strangest of strange to almost lift its head both in our personal lives and on the world strange.  It really may be all we can handle of the bizarre anyway.  Sexual proclivities that most of us didn’t even know about growing up in what seems a lot like Mayberry now, back in the late 60’s and 70’s.  Pluto is divulging or regurgitating, or both, the tangled up and dark and Saturn/EL wants to act all important and in charge, so more control will be given as the answer.
The other obvious thing that jumps out; is the will she or won’t she scenario.  (YOU can insert he if you like, makes no difference)  Do I want to stay or go and if I am staying, than I want to COMMIT!  What will that mean?  If you are in a relationship, I strongly suggest you make a re-commitment ceremony and invest your energies into making things work.  Otherwise, ole Mercury is likely to play some ticks on you both and get you spinning and guessing and perhaps not the best suspicions might be entertained.  They may be true, but are you really ready to take that chance and regret your hasty decisions and thoughts later?
The other big thing in the heavens right now, is Neptune/Poseidon (dreams, art, music, illusions, magic) went retrograde on June 9th at 7* of PIsces, in a bit of a wide trine to Mercury/Hermes (communication, cars, short trips/crossroads/siblings) we do have a bit of a dream world to tap into, just make sure you aren’t building castles in the sand, for this won’t last.  It is a good time to make music, to dream, and to paint.  She will draw out the artist you left behind and whisper down the hallways beckoning you to come hither, as she flirts with your heart you will soon find yourself floating on the moonbeams bright and shiny from this full honey moon with a lofty vision lifting you higher and higher.
Now, even though this Mercury retrograde began in Cancer, he will soon be returning to his rulership in Gemini on June 16th, and with the recent new moon in Gemini, now full in Sagittarius, Gemini’s will really fell this but so will the effects be doubly strong.  So, cross your T’s and dot your I’s, and listen, repeat, rinse, I mean…listen.  As Mercury loops into the eye of Cancer and makes his way back, old friends, lovers and a bit of trouble may find its way back to you…so will karmic experiences and Déjà Vu’s…old lovers?  Watch for them, you are bound to see them at obvious and some of the oddest places.
What do you have to learn from them?  What lesson has not found home and settled itself into the very depths of your being?  All that wondering and curiosity (a major attribute of Gemini may have you going back and forth, not sure of what you really want or think.  It is a good time to laugh at yourself.
And if you are feeling the weight of Saturn’s lead right now, rest if you mist for a bit, but try and push forward even just that little bit, don’t let him get the best of you, and remember, this too shall pass.  The Sagittarius Full moon might lift and lighten your load with a little bit of Saggies notorious humour.
All is not quiet on the Western front.
Come to the Fire Class if you haven’t signed up yet, we are tapping into the Holy Spirit and breathing fire.  There be dragons in those hills.                                                                  
Soon to come, my post on Helichrysum.  For now, make sure you have plenty of ArcAncient Sleep Angel to be sure to get enough sleep and tap into those powerful dreams that are forecasting from the great beyond.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alchemy of the Soul

This is the first page of my book, Alchemy of the Soul.  Coming Soon.

Page II
When would everyone else talk about the ‘big people’ who are all lit up but whose appearance only silhouetted the back drop of the canvas my mind fell into?  Didn’t everyone entertain them and wasn’t it one of the most fulfilling camaraderie’s to experience those who stood tall as trees pour their genuine love in mutual praise as if every choir song wrote itself from this cause?

I thought surely that since I had such a tendency for mischief and finding my way into odd adventures that something then must be wrong with me.  Other people somehow weren’t thinking like me, but maybe I was just bad.  I was so bad, that no-one was allowed to share this secret that existed in every page I turned and followed on my adventurous sojourn through life.
Who would discuss the fairy fields I found as surely others did too?  Who else knew about the circle around the trees in the woods that shifted and sprinkled star dust?  Who else entertained the large beings of light that would appear after praying opening the vaults of heaven?  The smiles on their faces and the glint in their eyes infusing me with love and contentment, letting me know that they enjoyed watching me entertain them singing and dancing? 

Surely once I got one more A, one more gold star, finished first in one more contest, then….then the game would open its doors and the cast members would reveal their true identity.

The sad thing is that one risks losing their freedoms just for mentioning the world that is real and more alive and vibrant then the march of superfluous reality that seems to have seduced the masses into plastic images and celluloid dreams, of contorting the deep forest into packages of exactness whose only hope is to replicate the new and improved image being craftily lighted and cascaded around their thirsty souls.  

What a webbing; all sticky and sweetly perfumed again with some replication of the natural bounty that would adorn the temple of our beings with layers of truth; the kind that marches down the halls and lights up the senses with the purpose of being alive.
Why be here at all if the care isn’t taken to wonder?  To take the train on the dark night and wake in the valley of the gods who have been coaxing and guiding us all along?

This is my world; it is as it has always been an adventure of strange beliefs and hidden knowledge.  I feel like Moses in the desert, parting the red sea of life; opening the book one living word, one page at a time and learning the meaning I somehow already know.

There is magic afoot, it is under every stone and shimmering on the waters….it is dancing on our rooftops and howling in the wind.  It creaks down the halls and breaks down silence until it spills loudly into the room and stands between the moments of disbelief like a lighthouse forming from the mist and gloom.

I am yanked back into the strange reality like a naughty schoolgirl, made to play the game with scolding eyes and sometimes worse; while the mystery drips from my veins and disappears into the cracks, waiting for me to rescue the life I was born to live and reveal.

This is my attempt to take you in and reveal what sorcerers have been burned alive for sharing, madmen have caught shards of along the way, and stories that hold power have hidden in their pages, if one learns how to listen ~ and has the eyes to see.

nce there was, and once there was not, a girl who walked with giants.
I am this girl, and I will start with a walk in the woods.
They stand all around us, sometime alone and more powerfully together; our guardians who symbiotically breathe into us the life we exhale and are rivers of wisdom.  We need them, they need us.  Excitedly I crept into the canopy of autumnal glory; fiery reds and umbers crisply painting the baby blue skies and the lemony sun drizzling down in shafts of warm surrender.  My heart beating in a rhythm with my breath, dotting the air with invisible ink, as the forest shifted and turned opening secret panels, her voice grew louder.
Each cracking branch underfoot a lever to the magic code of the great Cathedral.
After a weekend of teaching about aromatherapy and Total-Sensory-Healing, it was time to pay homage and give my thanks and praise to the author.

They didn’t disappoint me.  Thoughts of the class tumbled through my mind, my notes, the comments from the students and the look of realization when their eyes lit up with discovery; I thought about the temple.
We discussed how the light of the sun, pours itself into our world and the garden of nature drinks it up with praise.  How every morning, we can see so much of nature line up ready for the sun to peak over the horizon and paint a new day.  Shrieking in rays of tangerine and citron, or gentling into the cottony tufts, the pink and yellow rose peels herself open and cranes her stem and bouquet to follow the sun, the aubergine meadows turn and stare, the periwinkle lilacs dance with the wind and arrange themselves all day, into the countenance of the sun.  Never questioning whether it would be better to be some other rose by any name, or a poppy that may sleep us wide awake.  While Beethoven paints this praise on notes of joy, Claude Monet reflected water lilies to capture the reverence that tacitly exudes the gnosis of the divine.

As the memories peeled back pages of wonder, my heart began that trance drumming, in the glory, I wondered and asked again….why was so much opening and revealing to me….and then I heard the clear whispering of that watchful place inside of me, It is the time of REVEAL-ATIONS”……It almost dropped me, stopping me dead in my tracks.
Having my full attention now, one screen shot after another ran like a daisy chain of electricity lighting up the images and thoughts safely stored for this turn key moment…the word meant what it stated, to reveal, and like so much that had exposed itself in momentary glimpses before, it was multiplying now into a continuous stream of knowing…that indeed, we are living in the time of not simply the frightening stories sewn as a testament, but as a blooming under an exuberant golden sun, were we to follow his steady guidance all day long too.
We were being taught about our ‘essence’…and that word I had shared the meaning of so many times, would reveal even deeper; her majesty’s secret service.  Esse, comes from the Latin, ‘To be or to exist’.  Itor their essence.

We were being taught about our ‘essence’…and that word I had shared the meaning of so many times, would reveal even deeper; her majesty’s secret service.  Esse, comes from the Latin, ‘To be or to exist’.  It is a fundamental meaning or truth, of where one lives….or what brings us alive.  Essential Oils, from esse and olere; meaning ‘to emit a smell or to be fragrant’ is comparable to the fragrant mind of being as one opens up their own book of life
I have long believed the sacred act of anointing as the art of becoming conscious, to take to the skin, the captured essence of distilled light, and bring to the surface the light of ones own being.  Immediately in the act of anointing, we vibrationally awaken the corresponding light within as the individual essence is enlivened to bring forth ones truth, their purpose.  As I walked now more slowly, those thoughts melted into each other like soft butter and I looked down at the fence corralling me safely into the hilltop.  There in front of me were two words; one was the word ‘Essa’ carved into the top plank.  Next to that, just one more word was carved, Gypsy.  I have never seen another word carved before, and there is not so much carved into the lengthy line of wooden planks, not another marking etched in yards and yards of fencing as I searched through the rambling timbers.  Just those two words, essa/esse and Gypsy wrapped in the descending yolk of the sun in the canyons below and beyond.

Here is the definition for Essa as found online:
This is an Arabic name for males which means shine of sun. It is also the name for Jesus.  Slang; Puerto Rican version of "dude" or "guy" as in: “Yo essa, whats up?”
Essene or as Philo refers to the name: Essaioi; as the Greek form of the original name that according to his etymology signifies "holiness". 
I try to be a servant of the Most High, in my human form that is flawed.
To this, we can add the "Tetragrammaton" which is the four letters "YHWH", derived from the verb that means "to be", and is considered in Judaism to be the proper name of the God of Israel used in the Bible.  
Gypsy, for me comes from Egypt and represents the black earth, or black land.  It is often referred to as being ‘occult which means hidden’ since it is blackened earth from the fertile Nile and represents a lot of what we know of as mystical. These strong origins, or at the least, a long history of practice in Egypt form the basis of the unbound book called the Tarot, which we also find the word Torah and orat-e..  The land of ‘Khem or Chem’ as it is known, means the black land and is the root of chemistry and alchemy.  In my own belief and alchemical knowledge by now, the master known as ‘Jesus’ was teaching these very secrets along with Mary Magdalene and they were ‘gypsy’s’ teaching the Essenic knowledge. 
The word essential comes from the Latin "esse" (to be or to exist), where "essene" stems from the Aramaic word- asayya- meaning physician, which corresponds to the Greek word - essenoi and at once denoting something essaios: that is something secret or mystic. In fact the group known
as the "Essenes" was called "the theraputate".
That these two words are together is beyond profound, and they were there just for me to find on this day; written by the secret hand of the universe.  The use of essential oils has been dated back some 5000 years ago, because of residue found in clay pots during excavations at Karnac and Thebes; we know they were used as medicine and in the process of mummification.  There is the jar, which contains the ‘sacred oil’ for anointing that is kept for use with the Ark of the Covenant to transform mere mortals into angels.  We know that in the story of the New Testament, two of the three gifts the Magi bring to the newly born savior, are Myrrh and Frankincense and what are they brought with? They are accompanied by something else of great value, gold.  We also know that Jesus is anointed by ‘Nard’ oil, by Mary Magdalene.  I will go into the deeper meanings of those essential oils in later chapters and most certainly, one of my guide’s, Mary Magdalene.
This is how life speaks to me, how it winds me down a path of discovery to stand literally atop a small plateau in the valley and make me her private student.  I went over the part in class when I talk about the body as a vessel, the bottom hips and belly more like a bowl and the head like a vase and the vision of wine sparkling in a glass as I twirled it, once again begged me to look deeper.  Things catch my mind like fly paper and stick one thought to another till the page is full and weighs me down lest I find some way to release it onto a stage, a page, an ear who can witness with me, such exotic fare that is not yet found by my eyes or ears in the symphony I find it playing my own world.

Wine, the first miracle of Jesus was at the wedding feast. His mother Mary (always with me, with us) comes to her son Jesus/Jeshua and tells Him there is not enough wine left for the wedding guests.  Jesus responds “Woman, why are you saying this to me? My time has not yet come.”  His mother told the servants, “Whatever he tells you, do it.”

Now you see, here is where I think a lot of people get lost by the false terrorism of screaming banshees who thieve them into worrying whether the story is real or not.
To me it is a silly consideration, robbing us of the deeper truth that is hidden far all who have eyes to see.
The real question to be asked is not if, but why?  Why on earth would the first miracle performed in a book of testimony that has waged wars and conquered multitudes and yet eludes the ‘masses’ and even I am sure the very elect themselves from its treasures, be a story about making more wine for a wedding feast?  Even in the commercials, the boast is that their ‘special grape will not be served before its time’.
Why is it not Jesus time yet?  Still he listens and those who are ‘serving’ wisely listen to the mother Mary. In John 2 the story continues:  6And there were set there six water pots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins apiece.
7Jesus saith unto them, Fill the water pots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.
8And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it.
9When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants who drew the water knew) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,
10And saith unto him, every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.
Now, I think about how we are made up of water, over 80% of our bodies is mostly water.  Even the earth spinning on her axis mysteriously contains an almost equal amount ~of water in her surface.  We are told in Genesis or from the beginning…that we are created from clay, from the good sweet earth and that we are vessels ourselves to hold the water ~ that God Breathed life into our nostrils with His own breath.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2: 7

There we are ~ made from the dust, the earth….and breathed into life just as we must let a good wine breathe too.  All of it sewn together in my mind as the warm air cocooned me.  The clay vessels are symbolic of us and our own water bodies inside the temple.

I sat down and put my hands on the earth, as I had learned to do to feel her support and to feel her rise up to meet me as she always did to support my ~ our every step of life.
I felt the Erie Indians walking around between dimensions while not 20 feet away their own vessels slept secretly beneath under the softly rolling sacred burial mounds.

So too had I wondered about my own tribes who swam lifetimes before me and into this being I now inhabited.  The fighting tribes of people who spent their lives dry over differences when only the wrapping of the same breath inhabited us all.  I needed to rectify both my Christian upbringing, and the distant path of the Cherokee Indian grandmother on my father’s side. The ground I now walked upon and came from wrote a different prayer, one that combined both.  I needed to honour both, to contain the truths of one while respecting the traditions of the Native Americans who knew the earth as a living being, and lived life as a payer.  This is what came about:

Our mother earth, who gives birth to us, who nourishes, supports and sustains us, and holds the waters that nourish, cleanse and connect us reflecting back who we are; under the father sun, who strengthens, guides and enlightens us, I pray  by the power of the holy spirit that the great creator’s will, Thy Will Be Done through me; and I give thanks for the breath of god, who fills our lungs with air and life, and lifts our thoughts and our prayers up to the most high with the winged ones, and by the power of the Holy spirit returns to this earthly vessel which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom and thy Queendom come, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

That prayer didn't really open itself up to me, until I started to say it this way.
Then I realized why it was the Lord’s favorite prayer.  Even though I have embellished it now, that is what it took to realize what the prayer actually meant.

I believe that is how in part, the mystery of the first miracle revealed itself to me.  We are such a disparate people.  We all grow from the vine ….

Anyone who has lived long enough has trampled the grapes of wrath.  We find the bitter sweetness of sorrow to be a wisdom vein that has been intravenously feeding our spirit~
To reveal to us the meaning of our lives and who we are…..

Now, the Mayans call this the ‘time of the great revealing’.  When I looked into the word ‘Apocalypse’ what I found astonished me, because I hadn't thought of it in this way, but always in the fear mongering sense, when it actually means: ‘the thinning of the veil’.

So what is happening right now is a ‘thinning of the veil’ and as this peels back, like all the layers that we also have been ‘healing’ in ourselves, it reveals things that have been right in front of us all along.  This happens on every level, just like the layers we have been healing.
...To be continued
In the meantime, here is a news story on my near death experience: